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About us

From a vision of everyone having a story to one of the largest publishing houses in the Nordic region

In 2008, a group of friends came together with the idea that everyone should be able to publish their own book. After a period of research on printing issues, website, logistics and the economic conditions, the founders realized that the time was ripe for a modern publishing service and Vulkan went live in December 2008. We have since added several imprints and publish books on both traditional and hybrid contracts as well as self-publishing.

Today, the company is called Bookea Vulkan Group AB and, in addition to publishing, also runs author courses and events and produces audio and spoken books in two wholly owned subsidiaries. We also have operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Baltic States and Poland.

Since January 2024, NEA Partners, an investment company, is a co-owner of Bookea Vulkan Group. The company is owned by the CEO, board members and NEA Partners.

We have always strived and will continue to be pioneers in the publishing industry.

Our team

Mikael Ingelson

Cheif Strategy officer

Peter Norrman

CEO & co-founder

Katarina Vastamäki

Chief editor

Nils Pihlblad

Digital production